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Easy to use background music solutions for the hospitality branche.


The Music Marketeers offers solutions for every business situation. Opt for The Music Manager if you want to program your own music online, via your own webbrouwser.

StreamAlot Bronze and Silver offers the ability to let us do all the music programming for you.

Would you rather combine music with video? No problem! With the Media Manager you can play music aswell as videos to set the mood.


We are proud to announce that we have recently opened our first Asian office – TMM Asia – in bustling Hong Kong. From this new Asian headquarters, we will roll out the StreamAlot network throughout the continent. 

Horecava 2015 just started! Contact us for the last free tickets, by sending email to c u @ stand 04.146.

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关于我们 音乐市场家已在店内营销方面拥有近二十年的丰富经验,

音乐市场家已在店内营销方面拥有近二十年的丰富经验,堪称该领域的领跑者之一。我们满怀热情的团队凭借对音乐、影像和气味的敏锐洞察力,开发出各种创新的多媒体解决方案,从而能够优化顾客的购物体验;这些解决方案被众多知名企业(包括服装品牌贝纳通、电话营运商T-Mobile以及Ahold/Albert Heijn等等)所采用,并屡次证明其功效不凡。我们的使命:营造一种令人难忘的综合店内体验,从而使心满意足的客户能够不断再次光临。

除了提供店内娱乐解决方案,音乐市场家还制作和销售CD、书籍、DVD、以及可供下载的软件和游戏。我们开展这些业务,不仅是为了广大的客户,同时也是为了积极主动地与众多媒体合作伙伴共求发展。音乐市场家已在阿姆斯特丹、巴塞罗那、汉堡、华沙和香港等地设立了办事处,并且正与Rob van Rozendaal和Lorenz van der Stam进行合作。


音乐市场家拥有明确的勃勃雄心:我们希望让每个零售商 – 从国际零售巨头到满怀热情的新晋业者 – 都可以受益于最现代的方式,从而优化顾客的购物体验,并最大限度地提高营业额。我们的店内解决方案之所以能够在众多竞争对手中脱颖而出,是因为除了注重创新之外,颇高的实用性和极具吸引力的价格与质量比也与别不同。

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A selection of companies we’ve provided with instore entertainment solutions throughout the years.

C&A Esprit Dockers TMobile
Levi's Converse Benetton Le Pain Quotidien
Decathlon Mexx Seat BMW
Porsche Crown Plaza Ibis Hilton
Mc Donalds MS Mode Burger King Danone
Games Workshop Livera Miss Sixty Karwei
Panos Hornbach Praxis Bruynzeel
Super de Boer America Today Etos Gamma
Albert Heijn Douglas Formido Hello Kitty
 Coca Cola  Camel  Mtv  Passoa
 Interpolis  Mentos ING   Schwarzkopf
Sultana  Rabobank  Converse   Virgin
Radio 538  Volkswagen  ABN AMRO   Davidoff
Elle  Heineken  Honda   
合作伙伴 音乐市场家拥有广泛的欧洲和亚洲合作伙伴网络。

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